Todd Abel developed and maintained dioxin science strategy for the American Chemistry Council Chlorine Chemistry Division and for the Risk Policy Coalition - including development and implementation of a science research/outreach plan that supports the National Academy of Science recommendations on the EPA’s Dioxin Reassessment. He also managed an industry chemical panel for ACC, the Center for Advancing Risk Assessment Science and Policy, and promoted the use of best available science in chemical risk assessments used in policy making:

  • Provided broad technical support and advocacy efforts regarding TSCA reform, IRIS methodology, REACH, and global product strategies. 
  • Collected, analyzed, and published facility-specific dioxin release data in TEQ format to provide perspective and maintain proper context within both EPA and media coverage. 
  • Directed and supported industry coalition efforts on EPA dioxin water effluent guidelines and worked with EPA Office of Water to minimize impact to industry. 
  • Contributed technical evaluation of EPA’s use of toxic weighting factor methodology. 
  • Participated in Great Lakes Binational Toxics Strategy to assure that policies and actions are consistent with best available scientific information. 
  • Managed EPA Grant and United Nations Environment Programme open burning projects to ensure aptitude of technical results and policy applicability.

Todd has a Bachelor of Science from Radford University in Environmental Science.