Greg Bocchi 

Greg Bocchi is an association executive with 30 years of extensive management experience in all phases of non-profit operations. His expertise includes strategic planning, programs and budget development, financial management, industry statistics/reports, conference and trade show management, communications and industry promotion, executive committee and board management, and management of standards development and technical programs. Greg also has a strong background in industry advocacy, including federal and state legislative and regulatory lobbying, along with building collaborative working relationships with international associations.


Greg was promoted to the position of Managing Partner in 2014 and has been a partner in the firm since 2011. He served as President & CEO of The Vinyl Institute from 2008-2011. Prior to that he was the Executive Director of The Powder Coating Institute from 1984-2008. 


Greg holds a Bachelor of Arts in Production/Operations Management from Washington State University. Residing in Fairfax Station, Virginia with his wife and son, Greg enjoys an occasional round of golf and supporting his son’s high school soccer and lacrosse teams.

Russell Laird

Russell Laird has more than 25 years of diverse career experience in government relations as well as public affairs and business management. He has direct experience in the Washington, DC public policy environment through work on Capitol Hill and federal agencies as well as various leadership roles in the private sector.

Laird has served as staff of a Member of Congress and a committee in the U.S. House of Representatives managing legislative processes as well as oversight of federal agencies. He managed a program of stakeholder outreach for Philip Morris Company, which at the time included Kraft Foods and laid claim to being the largest purchaser of agricultural commodities in the country. He gained practical industry experience by managing his own business in the agriculture industry which involved cooperative work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service. He served on the transition team for the President, and the beachhead team at USDA. 


Russell received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Texas Tech University. He resides in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and family and enjoys staying busy with his daughter’s school activities.

Jeff Palmer

Jeff Palmer is an experienced association executive with over 20 years of extensive communications and marketing experience in all phases of non-profit communications operations. His significant expertise includes strategic communications, marketing, programs, budget development, industry statistics/reports, conference and trade show management, and industry promotion.


Palmer writes and edits print and on-line newsletters, press releases, website content, directories, articles, technical books, brochures, marketing and educational materials, and other documents. Jeff has been Managing Editor for official trade press magazines and involved in membership retention and recruitment. Palmer has also served as spokesperson and managed database development.


Jeff has his Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Hampshire. 

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